1964-1874: A DECADE OF
Consider a time capsule sealed in 1974 full of exciting stories and songs composed at the height of the American social and musical revolution of that time – most music, lyrics and rhymes never before recorded or released. Then, imagine the time capsule opened, its treasures retrieved, recorded, released, and now available for you to audition or purchase.

In 1963, Pike wrote the title song for 1964's Demo Derby, a 28-minute movie that played on thousands of screens across the U.S.A. with the Beatles Hard Day's Night. He subsequently wrote ten songs, and performed eight of them in the 1966 Boston-based feature film Feelin' Good, and in 1973, the music to his song "End of Summer" underscored The Second Gun, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Documentary of 1973, investigating the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Vew sample pages, or buy it now on AMAZON.COM.

The book cover shows images from the six CDs currently in release and featured in the book, along with the cover for the State Records vinyl 45 release Shindig! magazine named as the 3rd Best Single of 2017. This new 374 page memoir of Travis Edward Pike's early career as a singer-songwriter features more than 170 photos and artifacts, and an Afterword by music and pop culture author Harvey Kubernik, who calls it "One of the most unique musical journey's I've ever read."

Andy Pearson (Fear and Loathing Fanzine), writes of "the resurgence of fresh interest in Pike's musical and artistic career ... Travis not only has a great story to tell, but he knows how to make it entertaining. A series of misfortunes conspired to prevent him from achieving the success that in other circumstances could easily have been his, but he still remains remarkably positive about his experiences, preferring to share and enjoy what he did achieve rather than bemoaning what might have been. His enthusiasm is infectious ... a pertinent reminder that the history of rock'n'roll certainly doesn't stop with the big names; it's the grass-roots that keep everything going!"


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